A family member suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for years. She had dozens of tests and no firm diagnosis. I watched her try to deal with it and with the stigma that "it might all be in her mind."

Wish she were still with us to see this recent study.

'“Too often, this disease is categorized as imaginary,” said Ron Davis, PhD, professor of biochemistry and of genetics. When individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome seek help from a doctor, they may undergo a series of tests that check liver, kidney and heart function, as well as blood and immune cell counts, Davis said. “All these different tests would normally guide the doctor toward one illness or another, but for chronic fatigue syndrome patients, the results all come back normal,” he said.'

Guesstimates are that more than 2 million people in the USA have chronic fatigue syndrome.

This study is also looking at treatments since they now know so much more about it and can more quickly and easily test various drugs.

"All of the drugs being tested are either already approved by the Food and Drug Administration or will soon be broadly accessible to the public, which is key to fast access and dissemination should any of these compounds pan out."