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    • Last week I had the opportunity to visit Longwood Gardens during their annual Chrysanthemum Festival. Before seeing the exhibit I found it difficult to imagine the different colors and shapes of chrysanthemums. There were many different flowers wearing the name!

      Here are a few of my favorites!

    • I know the foreground flower is a chrysanthemum - and I believe the smaller background flowers are as well.

    • They're beautiful, Denise. You've inspired me to take more flower photos in the last week or two and now I have a memory card full of them. The problem is I don't know what they are like you do.

    • Thank you Chris! I'm glad to hear that you're getting hooked on flower photos.

      It's taken a while for me to learn what they are, and I'm still learning. I'm lucky though - I volunteer at one of my favorite gardens. I have been taking photos there for many years. I met the superintendent of the property a number of years back and asked what I could do to help. He told me about Wednesday volunteer mornings there; as soon as I stopped working I started volunteering in the garden. We work Wednesdays from 9 to noon, usually starting in March and going through November. Today was the last garden volunteer day of the season.

      There are others like me who don't know much about the plants and there are quite a few master gardeners too. This gives me a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and learn!

    • Beautiful set Denise, i remember going regularly to chrysanthemum show in our city when i had a macro lens, looking at your post i can't wait to visit it again