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    • Zwift has finally done a significant upgrade to the old and dusty Richmond course. The digital artists at Zwift HQ flexed their architectural muscles to the next level. They've digitally demolished the entire Richmond city and built it up with all new skyscrapers, green parks, repaved roads, and even parking lots.

      Over the last four years of riding on Zwift, Richmond was my least favorite course. I avoided it as much as possible because it felt dull compared to all other routes, aka Zwift Worlds.

      As I rode Zwift's for the first time since the upgrade, I took screenshots along the way with an Alienware R7 gaming PC at 4K resolution and max graphics.

      Before fully diving into the screenshots of the route, here is a quick comparison of what Zwift Richmond looked like in 2016 vs. 2020. I took these screenshots at about the same location, and you can find some of the parts of the building sharing the same elements.

      Please click or tap on the images to see them large and in full detail.

    • The ride starts 300 meters in front of the finishing arch, where people are cheering by the bus stop.

    • Lots of newly planted trees decorate sidewalks. Pigeons and a Speed Limit signs are great distractions.

    • Countless digital spectators are cheering, and there are no tickets for rolling through the stop sign.

    • New cobblestones deliver the same "rough" ride if you are riding on Tacx Neo with road surface simulation turned on.

    • When riding in the opposite direction of the UCI course, you can see the crane operating. Nice touch!

    • After a long descent and a sharp right turn, there are more small details to enjoy, like lights turning on at night.

    • Another familiar landmark to ride under that looks so different. Even the seagulls hanging on the side agree.

    • After making a sharp turn, the famous cobble hill climb is in sight. During the day, it looks like this.