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    • Zero is a fairly small player as far as motorcycles go but damn, electricity must be on the mind because I'm not used to seeing so much mainstream media coverage of a motorcycle launch that's not a Harley. Here's my favorite:

      My next fav was from WIRED because they showed all the design variants and thinking that led to the current model:

      Who's tempted to buy? Their HQ is just 45 mins from my home, shall I go take a test ride and photos and report back? I'm here to serve. 😁

    • You ABSOLUTELY MUST go take a test drive under the guise of setting up a "conversation" with the General Sales Manager.....

      And, these motorcycle OEM's need to connect politically and get government subsidies to incentivise motorcycle sales. I saw the piece on electric cars in China and their huge rampup is due to the government offering strong incentives to purchase electric cars.

    • I tested the ADV bike a few years ago and am a huge fan-boi.

      Unforunately they tanked in Aus - hardly sold any and withdrew from the market.

      The product deserved better.

      If you haven't taken one for a skid yet - you deeeefinately should.

    • I absolutely love the idea of having an e-motorcycle, in my garage. Not to give up the Guzzi but for short and fun rides, it would be perfect! Please get back to us with your test ride impressions!!

    • How's the range looking on this one? I know on advrider people seemed a lot more worried about range above anything else for electric.

      Has this extensively been tested?

    • They claim 200 miles with the optional tank battery but far as I know it hasn't been tested. Is it less on the freeway? Probably. If it were reliably 150 so I could ride through the Santa Cruz mountains and over to the coast on a 3-hour joy ride, that would do it for me. I wouldn't choose it for a long trip.

      Is it just me or do other people still prefer the look & sound of gas motorcycles? I'm so environmentally-oriented and LOVE Teslas and even electric scooters and e-bikes so much, it's strange that in this one category I think I'd miss the rumble of the engine and knowing I could refill in 5 minutes.

      I mean, just look at this! And it's a lot cheaper than the Zero. (Okay, the tan paint is ugly but with a decent color...)

    • I did a test ride a few years ago. I didn’t want to go back to my ICE bike! No clutch, no shifting, quiet ride. I loved it. You should absolutely go for a rest ride!

    • I wonder how they can get adv riders to adopt for off road. Maybe they need to sponsor some rallies and have exchange points where they jump on a fully charged bike, or maybe a long lunch with charging :)

    • Okay, the tan paint is ugly but with a decent color...

      ... it would still be butt ugly. But it's an Adv bike - and they are all ugly so it doesn't matter.

      And another thing, this house's style decrees that when using an elipsis there shoud be a space on ... either side of the dots.

    • Is it just me or do other people still prefer the look & sound of gas motorcycles?

      I definitely consider a huge part of my experience having a nicely roaring engine, a satisfying mechanical feel clunky firm shifting gearbox, and some good vibrations!

    • It has been a few years so I don't know what is current but what Yamaha came out with the autoclutch it really bothered do enjoy riding a motorcycle without shifting?

    • That's right. It would feel as an appliance, and may even be boring eventually, for some. Funny as we were just having a soft banter in ADV with some folks over which motors each of us prefer, so even between multi cylinder and twins and thumpers there are certainly a wide variety of experiences to be had from a motorcycle. And that by and large is a big part which defines what we like about them. It's not just a conveyance or way of transportation, rather much more an expression of enjoyment. This of course isn't a counter argument for electrics, and it would be unfair for me to speak without even having tried one yet.

    • Think about garishly coloured Scrambler-styled motorcycles? Triumph, Enfield and Ducati make passable looking ones too. Not what I catergorise as ADV bikes though.

      To fit that bill you have to add incongruous-looking angular luggage, horrible big-arse windscreen (that looks like half of an aquarium gone wrong) and crash protection that looks like it was designed by a demented plumber - and you have a 'proper' function-over-form ADV bike.

      Nice ellipsis though.

    • It took me two twists of the throttle, one good top-end torque surge and a ride past a gas station using only solar power to realise that stuff isn't all that important - to me anyway

    • you have to add incongruous-looking angular luggage, horrible big-arse windscreen (that looks like half of an aquarium gone wrong) and crash protection that looks like it was designed by a demented plumber

      Hahahaaa... touché! I didn't realize how serious we are about the Starbucks shopper's essential functionality requirements.  🤡 😉

    • Sometimes winding down through the gears on my Tiger 1050, fitted with an Arrow high-mount exhaust, is pure aural joy.

      It's one of my favourite sounds in motorcycledom - the others are a Honda Rune (don't knock it till you've heard one from the rider's perch at full song) and a Norton Commando with Dunstall pipes.

      I don't mind the note from some big V-twins, like an Indian Chief with stage one pipes. Most worked Harleys are too loud for my taste - I actually like my neighbors.

      When I've ridden an electric bike I don't miss it. I'm too busy being enamoured with (nearly) free energy and the aforementioned torque - and wringing the throttle on and off just to taste it.

      The lack of noise is actually kind of cool too - once you get used to it. It's just a different experience.

      I don't think electric bikes are ready to supplant ICEs yet. But for certain applications and within parameters - commuting etc - they are viable - as for the rest, their days still cometh. But I suspect they will be grand.

      We just have t' get past Lithium. The evolution from lead to cadmium and the other heavy metals happened relatively rapidly. We've been 'stuck' at Lithium for ... what ... 15 years?

      I still look for the next big breakthrough - that's when they will likely become truly viable.

    • At Heavy Duty Magazine (Aus) we've pitched to Harley that we will ride a/some Live Wire(s) in a circumnavigation of the Continent - with suitable logistical support. Rougly the equivilant of Continental USA. I'd be down for a fair chunk of said ride.
      H-D are amenable to the idea, but there is still some current to pass through the capacitors before it's a done deal.
      Could be another interesting and epic gig to add to the portfolio.

    • There was a Greek lady I can't find anymore (since Google searching is now inundated with electric moto commercials), who rides, or did ride, around the world on a Zero. I thought that was super cool and she was explaining how it's recharging requirements actually impose a slower travel pace, and getting to know the places and people better.

      Also, someone pointed out to Energica saying "Do not, ever, test ride one of those!"

    • You are def. taking some of the excitement wind out of my potentially imminent purchase of a vintage 750/4 Zook. Obviously a big price difference but, as I live in a townhome, I will need to push the vintage to the street to fire it up. With one of these Bat Cycles, I could fire it up in my garage, no problem. lol

      I would buy a Honda if this excersise what about investments, but, if battery power became the norm, these vintage bikes would def. increase in value.

    • One of the nice things about vintage vehicles (here in my state currently) is that they are exempt of several things, such as inspection checks or paying tolls on highway. I'd say go with what your heart wants..

    • Think about garishly coloured Scrambler-styled motorcycles?

      I love them. When I got a chance to walk down 6th Ave in New York I thought about all the things that could draw my gaze. Fashion. Skyscrapers. Cars. They all did, but here's the store I had to go hang out in:

    • Norton Commando with Dunstall pipes

      Oh my God. What is it about Nortons. I stare at them and just can't take my eyes off the graceful beauty. And that sound. I've always wanted one so bad.