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    • They claim 200 miles with the optional tank battery but far as I know it hasn't been tested. Is it less on the freeway? Probably. If it were reliably 150 so I could ride through the Santa Cruz mountains and over to the coast on a 3-hour joy ride, that would do it for me. I wouldn't choose it for a long trip.

      Is it just me or do other people still prefer the look & sound of gas motorcycles? I'm so environmentally-oriented and LOVE Teslas and even electric scooters and e-bikes so much, it's strange that in this one category I think I'd miss the rumble of the engine and knowing I could refill in 5 minutes.

      I mean, just look at this! And it's a lot cheaper than the Zero. (Okay, the tan paint is ugly but with a decent color...)

    • I have tested the Zeros. Was duly impressed. But honestly, the places where I’d want a Zero are like the White Rim Trail/Moab, or somewhere out on a BDR where the whole world is quiet—and of course, the range does not work for places like that. :(