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    • I finished it tonight, saw the finale. I must say I was very disappointed.

      The visuals were well done, the actors were credible, but I felt the story line was not believable, nor internally consistent. It was like a group of people were asked to write a novel, and a different person wrote each chapter without reading the other chapters, nor discussing with the other authors.

      It just didn't seem internally consistent at all. But I tend to favor "hard" science fiction, and this was certainly not hard science fiction, but a kind of futuristic fantasy to me.

      I was really looking forward to this series, and I almost feel like I wasted my time.

      I won't say more because I would begin to write spoilers for those who aren't finished yet.

      But big snakes? Really? That fly? Come on!

    • Completely agree. It totally jumped the shark for me at episode 6. The last few I watched on Fast forward - just to see what happened. Couldn't be arsed with how far off course it ran.

      Shame, cause it started so well.

    • 😃 I'm not alone, that seem certain! I am not nearly as excited about season two, sadly. Yes, mother was the best role, and she's on the far side of the world now. if she survived.