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    • Hacker News uses "Show HN" to share projects that their community creates, so I'll kickoff a "Show Cake" topic by introducing a little project my brother, Ezra, and I just published: Shaper App.

      Shaper helps web designers segment code and generate projects from those segments.

      A few months ago, I needed to build WordPress themes for 20+ sites. The sites varied in features (some had slideshows, some had blogs, ..) I wanted to build the projects from boilerplate code that could adapt to the various features as needed, but no tool existed. I pulled in my brother and we made Shaper. Now I spend 1-minute instead of 2-3 hours setting up code projects.

      The app was built using Node, Vue and Electron. We're launching this Alpha version to see if Shaper is something we should develop beyond our immediate needs (a few lawyer friends are already asking for Shaper to segment and generate contract documents).

      Curious to hear your comments!

    • Well, I am proud of myself if I can copy and paste a few lines of PHP or write some basic CSS for the multitude of Wordpress websites I build, host and manage. I am a small one man shop so I have never been tasked with more than one site at a time. But, I would like to learn more how I could create basically my own css brand and drop in at any time. As "amatuer" as it sounds, I buy all my themes from Themeforest and have learned over the years which are crappy themes and what are good theme. So, consider me interested but I am certainly not a big project coder.

    • What themes do you use again and again? I'm creating Shaper templates for popular themes. That way, you can pick and choose what features you want without knowing any PHP.

      Also-> Shaper has a "placeholder" tool that allows you to quickly search and replace content. It can be super handy if you change CSS class names or rename the theme for every project.