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    • What's so beautiful about YouTube is that they've found a way to let individuals rise from the masses to become powerhouse content creators while filtering out the noise. Great content rises to the top, boring content dies, and toxic content is well moderated. That's a hard act to follow.

    • So, now that I've been consuming content on IGTV for a few days now, my opinion has changed. A few takeaways:

      - A huge strength of theirs is that it's immediately interesting to most Instagram users because IGTV caters to what those users follow. I follow a lot of climbers, so my first experience with IGTV is with people I'm familiar with climbing cool things. It feels maybe a bit more frictionless compared to YouTube. YouTube still relies on search to get interesting videos. A new YouTube user has to start searching before YouTube can serve interest-targeted content on the homepage. But who's a new user on YouTube? Just about the entire connected planet uses YouTube.
      - The UI is super slick. Swipe gestures make it easier to get from video to video.
      - There's some really high production value content available already, but it feels like they're skimping on streaming quality. The bitrate seems lower or maybe their compression is just not as good as YouTube's.
      - Big Instagram public figures are really embracing it. A lot of these IG people don't have a prominent YouTube channel. Maybe there's going to be a rise of new IG video creators that will live solely live on IG. The Casey Neistat's on YouTube and Chris Burkhart's on IG can coexist as video distributors on their respective platforms.
      - It seems clear that IGTV is another monetization channel for IG influencers. These folks have business models optimized for monetizing Instagram posts/stories. It's common sense to take that one step further on IGTV. A key tool for monetization on IG is product placement, and they're already taking that with them into IGTV.

      I love YouTube and really don't like vertical video, but I'm kinda liking IGTV. Perhaps it'll rise from the commodities and become something great.