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    • I was reading the above about Gervais and the phrase “Dystopian Future Comedy” popped into my brain. I don’t know if it’s a thing but if it is I would want Ricky Gervais to star in it.

    • I just binged this series in less than a day. (More shows need to have less episodes, like the British do. Makes it so much more digestible.) I feel like the cringe humor that Gervais is widely known for is quite muted in this. He's playing an emotionally distraught person dealing with grief and I felt like he did a wonderful job of it. I'd heard that Gervais considers this to be his best work to date and I'd have to say I wholeheartedly agree with him. The story was melancholy, but with a bit of dark humor. While his actions are questionable at times in the series, it makes sense for the character. And there are repercussions to his actions, which makes it all the more realistic. This show has a lot of heart and a wonderful thing to say about life. As they said in the show, 'You don't live on this planet for yourself, but for others.'