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    • I think one of the things that comes up a lot with organizations of any size - GE, which is 100+ years old, or Warby Parker, who may be 10 years old - a lot of similar DNA strands in both. One of the things we find with respect, particularly, to our work, is someone inside who’s willing to act bravely in the best interests of the company. And that, I think, is an important characteristic of any organization that’s looking to effect change - either within their four walls or the larger ecosystem they operate in. And so I think there are organizations that will do the pro forma work of “hey, we need to bring in an agency partner, to work on this thing” and then it goes into a file server and never is seen again, but they ticked a box and did a thing. And there are plenty of organizations who do that sort of work every day, and there’s no shame in that game, but for us, one of the things we’re really conscious of is that we’re working with a client team who’s willing to not necessarily take big bets every time, but sometimes the brave thing to do is the simple thing, or the incremental choice, not the big bets. So when I say “brave” it doesn’t mean “foolhardy” or “acting in an overly aggressive way” but someone who’s willing to really be thoughtful, mindful about what choices they make, and that those choices are in the best interest of the growth of the business.