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    • Yes, definitely both. Without a doubt. Someone who’s already pretty high on the emotionally intelligence scale and brings more empathy will be able to use it more regularly and with more effectiveness, which is a plus. And for someone who this is new for, trying to figure out how this fits into their organization, there are a couple of ways we’ve found going into these conversations you can excite them about the potential for success. Some leaders want to be excited about how this will impact their hard business numbers - and we’ve found it does. When workplace cultures are built on empathy, workplace effectiveness improves. When you listen to your customers or B2B partners, and then build solutions on those needs, you’re more effective. If you have a diversity or inclusion issue that’s been been persistent, and you listen, and the workplace becomes a more safe and comfortable place to be, all of those are direct ties to practicing empathy. So whether it’s an uptick in profitability or psychological safety, this can be a tool to help get there.