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    • First of all, that’s super-high praise, I hadn’t read that quote before. That makes me feel like I’ve done something right with this, because Brene is pretty spectacular, so that’s nice. I think that we all have a capacity to be empathic in this way, cognitively. The work that we’re doing is really designed to wake that up, and give people useful tools to make it part of their every-day life. So I do think in some ways we’re the pollinators, the stewards of this message, and we’ve been given the opportunity to carry it into some interesting corners of the world. What’s interesting is some organizations you might think we might not work with, or that place would be known for having a tough workplace environment. And our belief is as long as we’re being asked to do work that’s meaningful and productive, we’re open to going to do work with places that people may cringe at. My belief is that if you help a bad actor work 15% better, you’re made a difference. I’d love to work with Patagonia, but they are highly empathic to their environment, employees, the issues that are being thrust upon us in the political climate we live in, and they’re doing it right. So would we like to work with them? Of course. But there are other organizations that are seeking our help, and we have a responsibility, provided they are asking to truly change and showing up for their customers or consumers, to do that. If we can help a bad place behave better, we can tip the balance of power in this world towards the good.