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    • Absolutely. The common misnomer is that too often, we see employees as employees, not as people. And I might be sitting inside an office right now, but I’m many things over the course of a day. I’m a commuter. I’m a coffee shop patron. I’m a CEO. I’m a husband. I’m a dog dad. I’m all of these things. So if we’re focusing only on the time we spend sitting at a desk, or in a conference room, we’re selling these folks way short. What we need to do is that this has an effect in people’s entire lives. I had a funny circumstance where I was with someone I was working on a one-to-one basis, they are a very senior leader, and I was connected to them by another very senior leader in the organization, and he said “You know, so-and-so resigned the other day.” And I said “Oh that’s interesting, good for them.” And he raised an eyebrow. And I said “Well, because they realized who they want to be!” And he said “Well, does that mean if we continue to work together, I’ll change my career too?” And I said “You might, but that’s not the point of this. The point of this is to get you connected to the real you, and the real intuition and insight that you need to know, and then the right answers are going to emerge.”

      And a few hours later, I got a note from that person that had announced their departure. They said “This has helped me clarify what I’m looking for, and where I want to be, and I decided to make a change, so thanks.”

      You never know how this will have a butterfly effect in all the nooks and crannies of someone’s life. But it’s a valuable tool to be able to take perspective, to see yourself with fresh eyes, and in doing so, hopefully a new you emerges.