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    • @kevin , @Vilen and I are doing a 7-day loop with a spanking new 2020 Ducati — through Yosemite and Death Valley to Pahrump Nevada, where we'll attend the Adventure Rider Rally and hopefully meet up with @vegasphotog. We're coming back up the California Coast. We'll post pics of our travels in this conversation and try to keep up with Cake at the same time, but our response times may be slower.

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    • Have a great trip! I look forward to seeing your photos... at least I hope you are taking photos in addition to having a motorcycle adventure!

      And oh! I love Death Valley!

    • Definitely 📷s. We’re bringing so much camera gear, Kevin borrowed a big honking truck from his brother, seen here in the background.

    • Vilen and Kevin attaching a GoPro 8 so we can get cool photos and vids going over tioga pass

    • We’re in downtown Oakdale. I admire the tough people who work in plants like this all day.

    • Drama. On the east side of Tioga pass temps went down to 17 and the Klim gear with base layers and no electric clothing = YIKES!! 🥶

      Swapped it out for ski parka and survived the next 3 hours of high winds, leaning like a sailboat.

      This morning we filmed some sandy road and in a low speed sharp turn I stupidly let the front end drift out and went down. Leg got trapped under pannier and I screamed, thinking for 100% sure it was broken. After a minute of struggle and screaming, I got out from under and was able to stand.

      Was out of sight, far from Vilen and Kevin, had to wait for them to get worried. Cavalry eventually came. Back in business, riding. Leg very unhappy but cooperating. I’ll walk it off.

      Maybe my badass boots saved the day.

    • But with scenery like this at the base of Whitney, so happy I could still ride. Epic day on a road carved into the side of a mountain to 10,000 feet. One of the most breathtaking roads in the US. Few people seem to know about it.

    • I really hate to say this, and I am not trying to be a wanker, but, certain profiles of the Ducati sorta-kinda looks like a KLR. Oouch. Did I just type that?

    • I’ll be posting a few “behind the scenes photos” over the last couple of days. Kevin and Chris are still filming at Pahrump, but I’m heading back.

      Here is a shot from Lone Pike of Kevin coordinating the angles with Chris:

    • Recharging the batteries, downloading the footage and getting some warmth after a full day out. We spent most of the day shooting around Mount Whitney and it got really cold, fast!