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    • A couple of quick tips have your shadow point at the bird and ideally the wind coming from your back, that way the bird will be facing you, They are not fans of having their feathers blown inside out. The sun at your back also puts the bird in the right light. Always watch your back grounds try and get an even coloured back ground and one that contrasts the subject if possible, you need to be able to isolate your subject, depth of field also helps with isolation.

      Already learning so much from you, Glenn. Thank you for the tips and lens recommendation!

      Looking around at some of the compatible lenses for the Sony A7s I found one that is on the lower end, but more affordable 70–400 mm F4–5.6 G SSM II lens at $2,199.

      The ultimate 500 mm F4 G SSM is super nice, but there is just no way I can drop $12,999.99 on it.

      Would buying a used lens be a good option?