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    • My preferred Camera shop had the DJI Osmo 4 Mobile Gimbal on special so I grabbed one.

      I'm thinking it will be good for Vlogging motorcycle rides for my magazine's social pages when I don't want to carry the full heavyweight kit.

      Today was a beautiful spring day with temps around 27c/80f so I jumped on my BMX Cruiser and headed down to Brisbane's Manly - Wynnum foreshore at lunchtime - to give it a test run. It's a 30 minute ride/5 minute drive from home. It's nicer on a high tide, but I was in between jobs so took the opportunity and drove down with the bike in the back of the hatchback.

      This is the mostly the result with my iPhone 11 Pro mounted (plus a few shots from the Z6 I had in stock.)

      I'm pretty happy with the way it does panoramas and the video quality is acceptable for Insta/book.

      The best part is it folds up to a very small, bike-friendly package. The app is very good too. Full control of the phone cam from the buttons on the Gimbal with IOS. Pairing never missed.

      I need to work on keeping the unit level for the panoramas though.

    • The Gimbal has a zoom slide on the LH side and the 'DJI Mimo' app gives a 0.5 to 6.0 range.

      It's very quick to transition however. At 6x it's obviously digital, but some of the boats in the vid were at that range and they look pretty good.

      It works better than this practically - but I moved the phone taking the screen grab.