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    • I hate to be negative, but I humbly disagree

      If you haven't really been ill, and you were both positive, then you might assume to be immune in a few more days..

      Just trying to think more encouraging, more positive, healthy thoughts....

      I am glad you are both remaining untouched by the pandemic to date.

    • I guess my disagreement to your disagreement is that every day without the virus is one day closer to a vaccine, and to a flattened phase where getting the virus won’t mean having to deal with an overwhelmed hospital system. So I think getting a negative test result is something worth celebrating.

      But I do agree that it would be foolish to think that a negative test today means that you’re immune to getting COVID-19 in the future.

    • I didn't want my last post to be thought insensitive - I would very very strongly prefer no one would contract the Corona virus - BUT apparently a great many will and do with really very minimal symptoms, some with a flu like illness that passes, and some with more severe respratory distress syndrome, and a few ( percentage wise ) pass on from this mortal coil.

      If one KNEW ( or could accurately predict ) that I would have a very mild illness, then having the disease and becoming immune lets me carry on my life at no risk to other folks at some point.

      If you are already positive, you have no neeed for a vaccine, or therapy, you will soon be no risk to the uninfected, nor will you be requiring hospital assests for your care.....

      That is the situation of most of the survivors of the illness. Their serum plasma will be a real positive valuable asset for the ill at some point in the near future.

      So yes, if I had been ill, and THEN recovered and tested postive, I would celebrate and not be too upset - as long as I had been careful while ill that I didn't spread the illness about unknowingly. You are correct, a negative test does not necessarily mean you are not in the process of falling ill.

      I say again, I truly wish no one was experiencing this pandemic. If wishes were horses, everyone would ride.

      That's all I was saying - in kind of a wry voice.... 🙁