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    • L.A. County has shut down all of its beaches due to the coronavirus crisis. How are you faring in your parts of the world?

      We are encouraged not to walk on the sand, stroll on paved paths or visit the Piers. How quiet is it out there? I’ve got the video proof, from ManhattanHermosa and Redondo Beach here in the #Photowalk video above. My friend Jan also contributed clips from Laguna Beach in the O.C. as well.

      Initially, I figured the county and local cities would be treating this as seriously as they do smoking violations. A sign here and there and that would be it.

      After all, it’s against the law to smoke in Hermosa and Manhattan in a public setting, but I’ve never seen a cop write a ticket to the many smokers I see out on the streets.

      Yet Saturday morning, when I got into position on the Strand to snap an overhead shot of the Pier, I was indeed visited by one of the Manhattan Beach’s finest, on a motorcycle, encouraging me to step back.When I walked out onto the sand Friday, shortly before the ban went into effect, a lifeguard told me to go back upstairs and stay off the beach. ‘

      In fact, Saturday morning, I noticed the lifeguards driving up and down the sand to enforce the rules.

      This is great. If you’re going to announce a ban, enforce it!

      Of the three South Bay Beach Cities, I saw more signage in Redondo, yet at the same time, some of the Pier restaurants are still open for takeout, so you are allowed to visit.L.A. County has closed beaches through 4/19.

      Hopefully we’ll all get back out there again, sooner rather than later, right folks.

      Let me hear from you!

    • Thanks for the update. It is very sad. We have been tracking how the states are doing and it appears Washington is doing an amazing job with only 0.6% growth yesterday, and California is doing fairly well with 4% growth. Most other states are much higher. Perhaps it is working and worth it.

    • Thanks for the update @JeffersonGrahamPhoto.

      Yesterday I saw that Maine closed all of the beaches from mid-coast south to the NH border.

      State parks in Massachusetts are still open but with no bathroom facilities. I walked at Maudslay State Park yesterday and for the most part people were being respectful of others and maintaining distance. Unfortunately there were a few groups who seem to think the social distancing doesn't apply to them; I'm hoping they don't force closure of the parks for those of us who behave.

      Major disaster declaration for MA was just announced, have no idea what comes next.

    • New Hampshire essentially closed their coastal parks as well. Their announcement was a bit odd:

      Seacoast NH State Parks will remain open however, access to all NH Parks sand beaches, bathrooms and parking areas are closed. The boardwalks are open for pedestrian use only.

    • Ireland has gone into total lockdown. You can go 2k from your home to exercise, no groups larger than 2 people (excluding family members). You can go to supermarkets for groceries but all non-essential business have closed. Everyone is to stay at home and isolate. Saturday was the first day and it's supposed to be reviewed in 2 weeks but I think we are in this for the long term.

    • I think you're right. It seems most of the stay at home orders here were for two weeks but given that they have already extended the school closures into May I suspect the stay at home orders will also extend out.

      So far we don't have a max distance to go for exercise so I am able to drive to different locations for that. I hope that doesn't change.

    • This is the most amazing data visualization, showing where people went when they left the beach:

      Also, isn't the theme of this virus that few of us took it seriously enough in the beginning — especially if you weren't involved in public health or science?

    • They should require all visitors to watch this video before entering public parks and beaches.

      Holy Frick!


      How Many Layers of Protection Doctors Must Wear to Protect from Getting Infected While Treating Corona Virus Patients

    • I don't understand the delay on closing some of the parks. It makes sense to me to allow people in the area to continue to walk in to some of the parks but from a safety standpoint it doesn't seem smart to leave parks open, especially in remote locations.

      Acadia National Park announced this:

      In support of federal, state, and local efforts to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), all park roads, facilities, restrooms, carriage roads, campgrounds, visitor centers and services are closed.

      If I lived in the area I might walk into some flat areas but that might not be smart given that I suspect there would be a lack of emergency services.

    • Today I was running at Rancho San Antonio on a fire road. I'm super friendly with everyone but keep my 6 feet, especially as more evidence seems to be coming out about transmission by air.

      Anyway, three 20-something (?) guys were walking together toward me taking up the full trail so I ran off the trail to keep my distance but one moved to where I was and opened his mouth to breath on me. The other two got laughs.

      The thing is the county park service is threatening to close the parks if people don't keep their distance, and I suspect someone will report these guys.

    • but one moved to where I was and opened his mouth to breath on me. The other two got laughs.

      That's a real problem here, kids coughing into peoples faces, even coughing into Police Officers faces when being arrested:

      A horrible, thoughtless thing to do to you.