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    • Is that a velvet background? If it is, given it'll always produce an uneven effect I'd either make it a feature or replace it with something as plain as possible. And yeah, as Chris suggested, pull the object forward and do some key or back lighting to make things pop. That's assuming you don't want the objects to looks as if they're emerging from a dark place, which does kinda suit the art in question.

    • Hi, life-long pro photographer here. Thought I'd chime in. A way to do this is to leave the background as it is and shoot through a hole in a white sheet, with lights next to the camera backlighting the sheet. That'll give you a black background and a pretty evenly lit metal object.

      Then, use spots or reflectors from above, behind and to the sides to add more highlights where you want them. To add black keylines to the object to bring out detail or add shape and depth, carefully add black strips to your sheet where they have the desired effect and the object will reflect those black lines back at the camera.

      It sounds more complicated than it is. Experiment! Hope that makes sense. :)