After watching the 2 video’s and listening to the presenters of the content, I
pondered over the information.  At first, I was irritated about the idea of a minimized workforce.  [i]Considering that many of the jobs that are taken by high school kids or college students
just trying to make some extra cash to by essential things will eventually be
automation or robotic.  Then I reasoned through the drive that the loss of those jobs would do for our economy and push the need for higher education. Creating a more intelligent workforce which will
need diversification in order to adapt to this ever changing world of technology.

A number of the finer points of the 2 video’s that grabbed my attention were:

The new economic model: to live within the planetary means

* Changing how we want to live

* The impact of 3D printing

* The use of Stem Cells

We have the technology to supply energy around the world with the use of solar energy and
harnessing the wind.

* Staying connected and utilizing each area of the world at
a time that offers the best results for the energy gathering we need.

How the perforation of seeds helps to produces a higher yield which results in more food.

Through the connection of electrodes to the spine of a paralyzed person (and therapy), they
learn how to walk again.

Robotics and automation are going to replace more of the workforce.

* Which will drive the need for education

Technology in schools will prepare our youth for the future.

McAfee is correct regarding the machine age is here and inevitably will chart a good course into
the challenging abundant economy that we are creating.
- Ray Kurzweil: A.I. Will Result In
More Human Jobs, Not Fewer - AI & The Future
of Work | Volker Hirsch | TEDxManchester - The big debate
about the future of work, explained. - Robots Will Steal
Your Job, but That's OK | Federico Pistono | TEDxVienna

i-This is where my Union side comes out. (About 60 years ago) There is a comment by Henry Ford II to Walter Ruther during a walk through of a newly built Assembly Plant. Henry says, “Hey Walter, how are you going to get the robots to pay Union dues?” 
Walters witty reply was, “Hey Henry, how are you going to get the robots to buy your vehicles?”  Then comes a slide showing that Corporate Profits are at an all-time high while workforce
wages are at an all-time low (This is still true today).  This is frustrating due to living and being
part of the work force and knowing that big business dictates the outcome of
our economy.  That the middle class is minimizing and that the lower class is growing. The example of Ted and Bill is a reality slap which (to me) shows that money controls happiness and stability.
People try to deny it yet we all know it’s a truth that can’t be ignored.