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    • Folks who've spent a lot of time on the internet probably remember Prancercise, those videos that went viral a few years ago of a prancing-based fitness sensation. I was fascinated to read about the latest equine-imagination-inspired subculture / trend of Hobbyhorse Riding as embraced by young women and girls from Finland in the New York Times.

      From the article:

      When Ms. Vilhunen’s documentary film, “Hobbyhorse Revolution,” was released in 2017, it captured its subjects in long spells of raucous joy. This was important to the filmmaker, who has made adolescent girls the focus of much of her work.

      “Little girls are allowed to be strong and wild,” she said. “I think the society starts to shape them into a certain kind of quietness when they reach puberty.”

      The hobbyhorse pastime is now celebrated as a national export, with national championships held every summer and Ms. Aarniomaki as its unofficial spokeswomen.

      This seems absolutely incredible and I am definitely looking forward to watching the documentary!

    • A-ha! I recognize this; the origin nation for Linux! Linus himself said the creation of something like Linux would not have been possible in any other country. He referred to Finland's education system and its freedoms (and that its actually FREE!).

      How about that.