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    • Let me add using latex tubes to the list of how to go faster without getting more fit. A latex tube saves about 5 watts of power for each wheel it's used in. Cheap and easy speed though it'll require a tire pump up before each ride.

    • Oh yea latex tubes are great! I also find them easier to change than butyl tubes as well. Though I have heard others have problems. Just beware using them with carbon clinchers, they have a lower melting point than butyl, so a heavy guy, on a hot day on a steep descent is something to be aware of.

      5 watts per wheels seems pretty high to me though, the numbers I've seen are more like 5 for the whole system on the high end. Still a significant difference though. Some data here.

    • I'm going to add work on descending and cornering skills. I don't think I mentioned those. There are lots of great videos on youtube that have pointers on developing bike handling skills.