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    • In 2015 I probably would have tried most of these, then I did something that had nothing to do with my bike in 2016...

      I used to ride Hawk Hill in SF a ton. Among my friend group the golden time to get to the top was under 9 minutes. I've done the ride with probably 50+ friends, I only have 4 that have done it in sub 9 minutes. These are generally fit dudes. I lost 30 pounds riding my bike starting in 2014 - 2016.

      On my 282nd ride up Hawk I beat my best time by over 30 seconds.

      I ate a burger the night before and didn't sleep well (due to the salty burger).

      what changed for me? I stopped riding 6 times a week. I started doing high intensity interval training boot camps running sprints and adding muscle. I started those classes in April 2016, by September 2016 I broke my hawk hill record, with almost no planned training to beat that time, it just happened.

      This is me on the morning it happened.