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    • When I spoke of this as being a problem, I was not focused on the individual user but on the user base.

      I understand what you are saying regarding personas, but as an individual you can make disciplined choices in how you tag things.

      Cake does not (as far as I know) control how the general population of its users create "interests". It is this lack of control which may become an issue.

      The various Spanish language academies attempt to prevent the kind of chaos which exists in the English Language. In English, there is a philosophical war which has waged for years between linguists who describe and word usage proponents who prescribe.

      Bryan A. Garner has attempted for years to bridge the gap between these two camps. His Garner's Modern English Usage (fifth edition) uses Google Ngrams to provide statistical data for establishing whether a given usage is common or rare. Rare usages are either archaic/obsolete or considered to be mistakes. He uses a scale system to describe the evolving nature of the English language.

      However, there is not an agreed upon authority for determining standard english or national english.