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    • Please post your best Black and White photos of the day. Where did you take this shot, and is there a story behind it? What camera and settings did you use?

      On a very windy day at Pescadero Beach, California, the pelicans were flying effortlessly over the Pacific Ocean. Their pointy flying formation was beautiful to watch.

      Camera: Sony A7s

      Lens: FE 35 f1.4

      Settings: f1.4, 1/8000, ISO 100

    • Hint: You pull me and I reveal my secrets

      StephenL: “Hey, come here and pull my finger.”

      The L kids: “Why, Dad?”

      StephenL: “Pull it and you’ll see.”

      The L kids pull.

      StephenL: “Aaahhh.”

      The L kids: “Dad, Gross!”

    • I love the mist or fog in the background. Your composition is almost like a painting in its interesting foreground and background elements.


    • Thank you. Nature offers us sometimes these opportunities for 'windows' of perception. To me that place at the time felt Jurassic Park like, with all the bubbling and chatter from the river. The road was partly flooded and no one else was in the area.

    • I'm laid up today so here's my blankets lit via Surface and taken/edited on my cell phone.

      (Hopefully I'll at least be up and about from the bed soon so I can be a bit more creative. I've gotten a lot of shots I really like just messing around wherever I'm living over the years)

    • I like the egret in flight - if it were mine, I think I would try to raise the white tones past mid grey - maybe just a bit more??

      Here's one I saw in Cincinatti a few weeks ago in a store front window