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    • Sorry for the late reply. I had to do some soul and web searching. I had offered the books: PENANG 180º, MYANMAR 180º, BANGKOK 180º, a small THAILAND 180, etc., on Blurb but POD prices were high, and quality was not up to my standards at that time.

      Several weeks ago I was all set to send MYANMAR 180º to an excellent printer here in Bangkok, but then the Rohingya human rights issues were all over the news and I thought I'd better wait. Honestly, it's such a beautiful country with lovely people, and the book turned out as good as or better than my THAILAND 180º book so that's a shame.

      Yesterday, after I read your question, (and thanks mucho by the way for posting a link to my book & asking this question!) I went back to blurb thinking I'd order a book and see if their quality had improved and I was put off by being told that I couldn't list my titles, such as MYANMAR 180º in all caps. Double-U Tee Eff?! I guess it's not meant to be. Part of me would like a publisher to buy my whole series, and I can get back to making more books.

      Any leads in this direction would be much appreciated.

      Although I've only been on for 36 hours, I'm loving the people and their thoughtful comments. As soon as I can hook-up the dog & pony cart I'll post a discount coupon for folks to get a copy of THAILAND 180º at a discount that hurts and add it to this conversation. In the meantime, you can have a look at selected photos from all of the books here: