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    • It really is surprising to hear that that isn't a regular question. Even as a mostly hobby photographer, when I'm out and about with just my "nifty fifty" because nothing else fits the hiking backpack, I often find myself longing for either the macro or the wide-angle lens - and often both. :)

      It obviously speaks for the quality of your work if that question isn't raised more often. Seeing those portraits - yeah, I wouldn't have thought that, but they really work well!

    • Thank You Kindly! Penang IS a special place! I wasn't aware that the book was available on amazon. The Print on Demad company that I worked with a few years back did some strange things or maybe I didn't read the fine print. I will look into this and get back to you. You're talking about an e-book, right? Thanks for the welcome and calling this to my attention. I'm taking a break from working on my INDIA 180 º book to sort things out. Here's one of my favorite images from that book.

    • Thank You Kindly! Many of the subjects projected themselves differently for my camera. I knew that most of the time I only had about 30sec. and 3 frames before the magic was broken, which I found to be true with most people other than pro models who were making three times my fee. As soon as I was through photographing him, I saw him laughing and interacting with his friends. The "Monkey Man" below was just the opposite. They didn't come alive until they already had their treats and I was in the car leaving.

    • "It obviously speaks for the quality of your work if that question isn't raised more often" I like that! Thank you for your positive feedback! The 50mm lens is a great lens and easy to master. When I was going through Brooks Institute of Photography School, back when it was a top school, a friend of mine could only afford a 50mm lens and he consistantly blew us away with his skills. I really do think that a zoom lens stunts a photogs growth as far as learning to see photos before raising the camera to capture and image.