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    • If you live in the USA and are concerned about the healthcare system, try looking at today's UK news especially using the following keywords:



      Four Day Work Week


      Ashworth, McDonnell, Nuffield

      After you've done that, you may not feel so anxious about the USA situation.

    • It seems to me the people of countries collectively lose their minds now and then, like we did when we rushed to war against Iraq. It feels like both countries, the U.S. and Britain, have lost our minds currently, together.

      I hate to say it but the strategies outlined by Christopher Wylie, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, seem to be working in both countries they targeted hard.

    • We may be talking about two different topics.

      The NHS is experiencing record levels of wait times.

      Labour is campaigning both to remove private entities (which would require 40 new hospital facilities to be built) and also to reduce health workloads to 32 hour work weeks even though there is currently already a medical personnel shortfall.

      So basically, there are already three areas experiencing scarcity issues: facilities, personnel, and emergency services — and Labour is speaking of further reductions before the current shortfall is managed.

    • You're right, I misinterpreted your post. Sorry about that. Interestingly, WHO ranks the top 40 countries this way wrt to their health systems:

      1 France
      2 Italy
      3 San Marino
      4 Andorra
      5 Malta
      6 Singapore
      7 Spain
      8 Oman
      9 Austria
      10 Japan
      11 Norway
      12 Portugal
      13 Monaco
      14 Greece
      15 Iceland
      16 Luxembourg
      17 Netherlands
      18 United Kingdom
      19 Ireland
      20 Switzerland
      21 Belgium
      22 Colombia
      23 Sweden
      24 Cyprus
      25 Germany
      26 Saudi Arabia
      27 United Arab Emirates
      28 Israel
      29 Morocco
      30 Canada
      31 Finland
      32 Australia
      33 Chile
      34 Denmark
      35 Dominica
      36 Costa Rica
      37 USA
      38 Slovenia
      39 Cuba
      40 Brunei

      I sometimes wonder how much a country's diet has to do with the ranking. I happen to think California's fire departments are amazingly good, but they are overwhelmed by the fires.

      France and Italy at #1 & 2... I wonder if that has to do with them eating real food and not too much so they don't overwhelm their doctors?