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    • I don't know how they dreamed it up or had the guts to intro it, but the Kickstarter video they made is WOW!!! It's a wide-angle macro lens like nothing I've ever seen that enables shots we've never seen before.

      Now for the real question: should I buy one? $1,400 on Kickstarter. Ow. One more thing I don't use often to fill my house. But I have girls who are crazy about bugs who own a pet snake. So much fun with them...

    • Well, that certainly looks different but I'm not too sure I'd rush out and buy one. f/14? OK, so they have a ring light built in, which helps, but that's still pretty narrow. I think I'd want to hear some real-world reports about when this works and when it doesn't. I'd be interested in hearing impressions from some macro shooters.

    • I think this is one of those lenses you rent unless you know you have a specific need - it does offer an interesting macro view of the world with the background in focus or at least close to focus

      I first saw this a couple days ago here - not as sophisticated as your video, Chris, but funny and informative

    • Hahaha, Kai is so funny. I've watched dozens of his reviews and always get a laugh.

      Renting is a good idea. It feels like this is something I'd play with for a day and then get bored, but I can't wait to see what other photographers do. It reminds me of when drone photography arrived and people got creative.

      I actually think the best use will be for video. I can imagine all kinds of commercials of pouring beer, etc., with the camera traveling on a slider.

      📷: dpreview

    • It is an interesting optic config. I think it would best used in a movie as a prop with some character who walks into Starbucks with this hanging around his neck and pops open his laptop and starts doing some post on his macro bug shots. When Harry Meets Sally 3.0. Oh, "Sally" happens to be an Phd Entomologist. hahahahah

    • Do you remember when light field cameras came out? I thought those were pretty revolutionary. But they didn't have much application in the world of aesthetic photography. I was expecting them to maybe pivot to science or medical applications. But they kept shooting for mass consumer applications. Fail.

      This macro wide angle... And least it has a clear aesthetic use case. I agree with dp review. It's likely to have stronger adoption with videography than photography. Those environmental portraiture shots of the honey bees were awesome.

    • "capture lethal animals with ease" they might have ran that line past legal before putting it in the video. LOL.
      Looks fantastic fun, very odd shape and length.
      I want one!!! but not for that price.