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    • Christmas eve. My conservative wife has never even tried wine or champagne. Someone shouts, "Toni, are you going to try marijuana?!"

      Of course she says no. Then they say, "It's great for sleep! We can buy a vial for you right now and it will be here in 30 minutes."

      She hesitates. "Sleep? Why? Because I'd be high?"

      "No, no, no... You don't get high. It's a great, legal pain relief medicine without the side effects of something like Tylenol, and it helps you sleep. Hand me your phone and we'll order some for you. In 30 minutes you can try it."

      "It's Christmas eve!" she says. "It won't be here until after Christmas. We can think about it later."

      It was delivered to our doorstep in 15 minutes.

    • So did she try it? πŸ˜„

      I've also never tried it, but I've been curious about the reported anti-anxiety effects. I often can't get to sleep because my brain never stops racing, especially at night when it's quiet and there are no distractions. If marijuana will shut it up and help me relax, sign me up.

    • My guess is that when most people say or hear the words "try marijuana", they think of scenes like the one from That 70's Show when the friends are circled around a table in a smoke filled room. As they pan from person to person, one will be uncontrollably laughing, one can barely open their eyes, one is completely paranoid, and one is eating an entire bag of chips.

      Before making the assumption that trying marijuana will do these things to you, it's important to understand the difference between THC and CBD. Unlike THC, CBD does not have the intoxicating effects portrayed on That 70's Show, but seems to have a lot of other beneficial effects.

      The cannabis products out there that help stress, anxiety, and sleep are all mostly CBD with very little THC. This is the opposite of the products that people use just to get high. I think these CBD products are totally worth a try.

    • Yes! She uses it. She falls into a deep sleep easily at 9 or 10, but around 3 am she starts to wake up and can't get back to sleep. So she gets up and works but she's tired all day and falls asleep in company meetings in the afternoon. Embarrassing. 😴

      So now she takes a shot of marijuana around 3 am when she wants to get a few more hours of sleep. Is it working? Hard to say for sure, but there have been a few nights where she went back to sleep until 5:30. Maybe.

      Me? I'm an owl like you whose brain races until 1 or 2. That new feature Ryan deployed, how will it change behavior on Cake? When is Cake good enough to invite more people? But I like doing it, so no marijuana for me so far.

    • Would absolutely consume it if it were legal in New York. Unfortunately we are a bit behind California but ahead of some other states. I don't currently consume it more or less solely because it isn't legal. What if I needed a new job in a hurry, or something else of the ilk.

      Not saying it would become a every day multiple times a day consumption but surely more often than my current yearly camping trip if that.

      Not to go down the rabbit hole but I'm hoping they at least decriminalize it country wide if not make it just as legal as alcohol or other prescription drugs. I find a lot of resources wasted on chasing it around and jailing those that get caught with usage type levels.

    • Chris, I love that this thread was started. I work part time as a delivery rider for a company here in San Francisco. I love my work!!! It's so gratifying to bring this medicine to folks who need it.

      Some are just stoners. Others get real value and an improved quality of life by easy access to their medicine.

    • I have this same product. I often have a very hard time sleeping at night, whether its the initial falling asleep or constantly waking up through out the night. When I saw the Ritual oil first out I knew I had to try it. Its not something that is going to knock you out like an Advil PM may, but it helps calms my anxiety and mind down to the point where I can stop racing thoughts, and start to fall asleep, peacefully.

      Surprised and happy to hear that she gave it a try though!
      What will be next?!

    • Sativa strands are also for more of an energetic, uplifting feeling, something to help induce productivity. While Indica will relax the body more, help you unwind, and slow down.

    • The delivery services in California are amazing. There are so many different routes to choose from too. It really is astonishing how it works now.

    • This is true. But for folks with strong anxiety CBD is typically my first recommendation. Even I can have my mental gears start spinning a little too much with a strong sativa. Funny how working at the dispensary has me microdosing and enjoying CBD more than anything else.

    • I personally don't consume marijuana or CBD but I've tried both. I actually debated trying CBD before a massage recently because I struggle with relaxing. Brain is constantly on and daydreaming of what could be.

      That being said, I do believe they are natural products of the earth and i'm in support of their legal (regulated and taxed) consumption. **I've made a small investments in Eaze, Island and LeafLink so I have a vested interest in this industry.

      Both of my parents who are Dr.'s and prescribe mediation are terrified of opoids. My dad is an orthopedic surgeon, he had knee surgery a few years ago and refused to take the stronger pain killers. He took Tylenol and that was it. My mother has indirectly put dealers in jail by calling cops when they were trying to manipulate her pain scripts. Now she avoids prescribing pain killers as much as possible.

      Seems to me marijuana is a whole lot better then the highly addictive pain medication that is currently legal and being pushed.

      Growing up in a place like New Hampshire that could use all the tax revenue it can get (what state can't) seems so obvious to me to regulate and tax marijuana, invite all cannabis companies to setup shop and use the proceeds to help build new roads, better schools and re-invest in the state. Maybe it'll help with our tragic heroin problem too.

    • Yeah, the opioid epidemic is really scary. I'd be interested to know why they aren't afraid of Tylenol. My understanding is it's the leading cause of liver damage. Steve Jobs' friends said that's why he had so much trouble finding a liver for a transplant, the demand is so high from Tylenol.

    • I had a vehicle turn left in from of me on my motorcycle. I was pretty sorry after. I was given 7 vicodin at the ER. I didn't finish them. Instead I used CBD for body pain with Tylenol. At night I'd take an indica chocolate and sleep well. Opiates are gross. My regular physician offered me more vicodin at a follow-up appointment and I refused them.

    • I am not a lawyer, but have gotten the talk from the lawyers. Something about tradeshow in Amsterdam; then offices on different states.

      An employer still has the right to drug test and discipline you, currently, based on results of pot use being found. Part of the reason is that currently there is not an empirical way to know if you are high at work. Blood alcohol is easy, from whay I have been told marijuana isn’t.

      Just sharing so you can check with your work policy. Typed the person who wrote a drug policy last century that said we would test you, never said we looked at the results or had a disciplinary procedure. Ah the joys of doing large construction projects.

    • I'm a mmj patient in Massachusetts. An indica-dominant tincture at bedtime is part of my regime. I also use high-CBD hemp oil during the day, and microdoses of the mj tincture for pain when I need it.