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    • If you used to read Games Magazine in the 1980s, you are very familiar with their photos of commonly used items that were challenging to identify because they were in extreme close up.

      Readers and lurkers: Feel free to respond with your best guess of what each photo is of.

      Submission guidelines: Take a photo of an every day item with an extreme close up on all or part of it. Share a hint with the photo if it’s especially challenging.

    • I have to admit that's a hard one to guess. I had doubts posting it.. It's sitting on a garage stool and I used a red head lamp combined with a white light placed inside of it to detect an anomaly (manufacturer defect), which shows through the white light.

    • I just think it’s cool that you’ve given a photographic perspective on an object that we normally would not see. Your photo was visually interesting as well as the story behind it. In a way, these images can be seen through the lens of abstract art.

    • I will accept strap as an answer. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

      The center of your image made me immediately think of a two horned demon. But I’m thinking I’m a bit off with my guess. 😉

    • Clue: It think it looks very much like what it really is, but a photography trick makes it look not quite right, and that might lead you to think it's something else - kind of like an underground inkblot.

    • If you turn it counter-clockwise, it looks like the guy who fused with a tree in Game of Thrones. And he’s wearing sunglasses.

    • It’s tree roots, so you got the tree part right, and there’s a face in it, so there’s that, too. It was made from two slides, almost the same. I think they were over- exposed, so i took them out of the mount, reversed one, and remounted them together to see what would happen. I liked it because it looked like a face.