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    • I have followed Lyndon's video's "Races To Places" and quite enjoyed them. I am pretty sure the price reflects the quality and performance of the offerings, but as of today I think they'd be wasted on me 🤔 There is a perfect adventure motorcycle for everyone, and they may be very different depending how and where they will be used. I read about many folks sometimes buying "disposable" motorcycles specifically for a trip, and the more I think about it, the more it starts to make sense. For example if I wanted to go visit a far away place where I'd spend several months riding, rental would be prohibitive expensive. Shipping a motorcycle overseas back and forth may also be costly and a hassle. So maybe buying something decent enough, at the intended location, riding it and then perhaps sell if possible or donate it. Not to mention peace of mind of it not being such a high value, in some places where chances of it being stolen or otherwise impounded or destroyed somehow. Thank you for sharing!