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    • I have a few bikes, the bigger one uses tubeless tires, flats are rare but need fixing on the side of the road or track when they happen.

      Most tire repair kits are specifically made for motorcycles, they are car or truck version, and can be a little big or excessive, especially when space in your luggage is limited.

      I'm always on the lookout for smaller and lighter solutions that do the same thing, that obviously someone has taken a little time to think about and design a better smaller solution.

      This one by Lezyne is for bicycles but will work for motorcycles as well and is small and self contained

      What do you think or use?

    • I don't seem to do well at all at lightweight & small, but know big and solid gets the job done..

      That took several attempts using three string plugs to eventually get me home from BFE..

      These are my tools & kit of choice, never let me down:

      The Lezyne kit looks really convenient for an occasional fly and ride, but a pump is still needed. I also think the lack of large handle may pose some leverage issues, when used with hard thread wall motorcycle tires.

    • Thats a good one and been around forever, not sure about their truth in advertising though.

      Over a BILLION sold

      ...been in business since '64, that means they sell around 49,000 a day. Also, there is approximately one billion cars registered on the planet as a point of reference, kind of like saying your 'xxxxx is world famous' but no one from the next town has heard of you!

    • An auto mechanic all his life recommended them. It's not to say other kits won't do with varying degrees of success (I've used the ubiquitous ones sold at gas stations before), but the 'Safety Seal' brand strings remained sticky and ready to use for very long time in my toolkit. Their tools also are as solid as they come, as they're designed to be used over and over on truck tires as well. For me that's just worth it peace of mind, plus they could double as white weapon ☠️

    • yeah not denying the quality at all, and their tool is easily the best out there

      ...just the claim that no one can refute cause there's no way to track it, so they say it, its impressive for a work force of 65 to produce a billion of anything. I just find it funny and a very American thing to make these sort of claims, that not many other countries do. Take a drive down any major thoroughfare in America and you will find numerous world famous things

    • I tend to prefer the more robust tools for reaming and inserting the worms. I generally carry 4 ARB fat worms and 4 each of Safety Seal 4 and 6mm worms.

      On a side note, if you cut the sidewall and are presented with the issue keeping the tube inside the tire, super glueing as many US 1$ bills together to cover and beyond the cut a healthy amount will most times allow you to ride to a town and purchase a new tire. The linen woven into the US dollar makes for a very strong patch, especially when you overlay 4 in a grid pattern. The technique has saved me twice in the NW/PNW.

    • "World’s Best Selling Tire Repair

      Over One Billion Repairs Sold Worldwide"

      I agree - there's a silly tendency around here to exaggerate everything. Would not have bought it if didn't work well for me first time (I was first given few strings and I used all).

    • My problem is I loathe bulky wallets, and usually just carry few Franklins.. and plastic cards of course. Seriously trying to figure out a secure yet easy accessed cache place on the bike.. I think we could learn if you decide to make it another conversation.