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    • I have done this and was just fascinated by the results. On the other hand a friend told me that the results have blown her family away as they are not Polish but Italian and there are doubts now cast on her parents and their relationship.

      So yeah -- can happen and does!

    • To be honest, I am adopted and dare not desire to go down that road. Family dynamics are typically difficult enough, let alone surprise sibling phenomenon.

    • My mom (also adopted) had been contacted by her blood brother a decade ago, and got a few of the answers to her questions. I really don't think she wants any additional details.

    • I am thankful for the home I grew up in....but, my siblings (step bro's and sis's and natural sister) basically did not communicate for 25 years until my Mom passed away. My parent's were of a generation it seemed that moved out West in the early 60's and you had children but did not necessarily want children. We were well provided for but we all left the house at 17/18 and never looked back. I am pretty sure a DNA (hahahah....I am multitasking with webstuff and originally typed DNS versus DNA...) upheaval would not make any of that more desirable. LOL

    • From 23andMe, our family learned that 3 of 4 siblings have different fathers who aren't our dad. (We already knew that was the case for the youngest.) This revelation sent me for a second look at my profile, which I'd done several years earlier; the first match turns out to be a half-sister. Our nephew, via the same pathway, has found a 1st cousin once removed, and is on the verge of learning the identity of his birth grandfather. Eldest sibling is awaiting the results from We are 65 and 71. Two siblings passed last year, parents all gone.

    • My oldest sister is having difficulty processing. She never wanted to talk about our youngest brother's paternity. My nephews are mostly curious to find out more. One of my dad's nieces feels sad about it. One maternal cousin said, "Well, your mom always was the wild and crazy one." I'm okay - kind of amused, in a certain way glad/relieved. I've been corresponding with my half-sister, who's 20 years my junior. I expect we'll meet eventually.