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    • I think you'll enjoy Ars then, there are very pronounced consequences of characters actions. And resulting personal growth. Just a bit of warning, things might be slow a bit; for me it really clicked at episode 5. Bit like Westworld which spent half of the first season establishing ground rules and summarising possible moral dilemmas for people who haven't read enough Phillip K. Dick before :D

    • Actually, I hardly listen to much audio at all. Its all either video or book. That said, I have occasionally listened to a few BBC radio dramas (their Doctor Who episodes are very good) and enjoyed them. Audio podcasts are something I really should spend more time getting into, so thanks for the referral to Ars Paradoxica and SAYER. I will give one a try over the weekend.

    • I know the difference between the SF genre and the Fantasy genre, but some people like both. In 1981 BBC 4 produced a dramatization of LOTR. If you like LOTR, it's an interesting listen. Although, it is abridged, it is more indepth than the movie trilogy.