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    • For people who don't know, I started Adventure Rider 17 years ago as mostly a forum and a bit of a lark. I never thought in the age of Facebook that it would last this long, but along came @gorudy to help take it to the next level.

      One of his ideas was to publish real editorial stories using members of the forum where possible — people who really know motorcycling. Both gorudy and I took some heat for these stories because a few members thought they looked like commercialization of the site. I argued that this would surface info we've never had on the forum before.

      Anyway, @Evergreen on ADVrider was in Peru and decided to chase the Dakar and write stories about it. I wasn't sure that was really possible or would be that interesting, because there were pro journalists in helicopters with fancy cameras. What would she write?

      The answer is she wrote incredibly moving human stories of the trials and travails of the race. Thousands of people were like me and couldn't miss an episode. In my opinion, this was the best of them all:

    • Kudos to @Evergreen great work in shedding some very special light over the least known aspects and people of Dakar race. This goes to show that "follow the money" isn't always the best form of journalism.

    • That post was really special. I think the story of how @Evergreen made this entire coverage happen is as fascinating. The inside story of how one person made this happen. The ultimate adventure and hustle to make an idea come to life that should have been impossible.

      Our budget for Dakar... basically zero. Our experience with

      Some people just know how to make things happen and Egle is one of them!

      When we found out there was a $10,000 fee to be media in attendance I thought for sure we were dead in the water. Egle said no problem i'll find a way. and she did!

    • How good was that article? I care little about motorbike racing, and yet when the subscribe to newsletter box appeared I was this close to subscribing. Kudos to you, @gorudy for having the vision for ride reports and making them a reality.

    • heh thanks but the real ride report visionary here not surprisingly is... @baldy. I think his original mexico ride report from circa 2001 has to be one of the original moto ride report / photo essays.