I am going to guess it was early 2007. I was active on ADV RIDER and came to Vegas from Alaska as a reconn to verify I wanted to move here. I remember that the REPS from smart Cars were giving test rides at the Fashion Place mall. You had to wait in line for over an hour but it was 110 degrees...so, what else do you have to do? I did not realize one of the reps was an ADV guy....I think out of Cali somewhere....but, when they came out, the perception were these were super economical aka earth friendly. Turns out by square inch and horsepower, they are a pretty lousy contraption but certainly having strong novelty power.

My point is that if Tesla did away with a retail showroom floor, I have no doubt they could do rock star tours of all the malls of Amerika and give plenty of test drives.

BTW...I finally sat in one the other day....the fit and finish is amazing. Does not have the utility I need in a wagon, but, still pimpilicious.