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    • We don't have any recent model cars, so none of ours are very "smart" ones. But maybe we will think about having something like this installed in our most recent vehicle:

      '“This can be a great way to get the safety benefit of crash-avoidance technology at a reduced cost compared to a new car,” said Ian Reagan, the author of the study and an official at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a research group funded by the insurance industry.'

      "Such technology could be particularly valuable for teenage drivers because mile after mile, the system would remind the driver of safe practices like using turn signals and not following too closely, Mr. Reagan said."

      Sixty-two percent of the test drivers began driving more safely.

      The system cannot apply the brakes, it can only do audible and visual warnings, but any improvement would be appreciated and is badly needed when I look around at drivers around me.

    • But then the drivers would have to look up away from the cell phone screen in their lap! How awful is that!

      I do agree, I think the general level of driver quality has declined - and I think phones are a part of that. I see folks flying through intersections in 8 am traffic with a phone next to their ear, caught in the crook of their neck. I see them in my neighborhood swerving into my lane at 7:30 am on their way to work trying to drive and use the phone - which they could have done a few moments earlier in their own home.

      It would just take a tiny bit of software to make a cells phones non-functional at a speed of greater than 10 mph. But it will never happen, since "everyone" is doing it.

      I even see bicyclists rolling along next to traffic texting......Draw your own conclusions.

      I think many people would just turn off the constant warnings.....color me negative I guess 😧