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    • A friend discovered a walk in Topsfield, MA that sounded like a "must do" to me. We walked it together earlier in the week and I returned today with my camera.

      It's about 11 miles from home, and the walk is a loop that is just over 3 miles. Interstate 95 and very busy Route 1 are not too far away but the roads of the loop are 2-lane and quiet.

      For anyone who is in eastern Massachusetts and is interested in walking this loop:

      You go to a church in Topsfield (put in 124 River Road) and park in the parking lot.  Then walk out of the parking lot, take a left and then another left to Rowley Bridge Road and then continue to Cross St. (Another left) and go to the end of Cross St. And take another left to River Rd.  You simply continue with lefts the whole way.  It is a big circle that is just over 3 miles and you go by the Ipswich River, beautiful farms with sheep and cows, lovely scenery and beautiful homes.

      It was a blue sky day.

      I suspect I will be walking this loop at different times of the year; I look forward to seeing the landscape in different conditions.

    • Nice shots, and thanks for posting all these photos from the north shore. Usually I'd be up there all the time so seeing your work has given me at least a little glimpse of it through all of this.

    • Yup, and last year I moved right next to Boston which while great normally has me really missing being closer to nature and those trips to the north shore.

    • Awesome! Living next to Boston would definitely have some pluses although it does mean it's a drive to get to the north shore.

    • A friend and I both needed a sanity walk late this afternoon so we headed to this wonderful loop again. While we stood on a bridge over the Ipswich River the light changed, highlighting these trees and their reflections.

    • This loop has become a favorite walk for me.

      Yesterday there was one horse who appeared to be determined to escape. He was in a good sized field with one other horse and several donkeys. There was food and water plus a space to escape from the sun. He still didn't appear to be happy... after watching him kick at the gate I understood why it was chained closed!

    • As I was walking this loop early yesterday there was a field of (rescue) alpaca and goats. While he didn't walk closer to me this alpaca was watching to make sure I didn't enter his enclosure.

    • After yesterday's snow I needed a place to walk on pavement - wandering in the woods would have been a mess today. I did this loop with a friend today.

      Snow was sticking to one side of these trees.

      I loved the lines of snow on a fallen tree in addition to reflections in the Ipswich River.