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    • I still see a glaring need for Just A Phone. Cheap to build, cheap to buy, cheap to use (why not minutes in reserve eternally? Buy in bulk like the old long distance plans, use them as you need to and they stay with you forever) and more importantly it can run on AnyAnyAny mobile network. When you are in the middle of freakin' nowhere the last thing you need is to not be on the only available network. This is a real problem in a lot of places. Last but certainly not least, Just A Phone carries zero personal data. Border crossings? Pssh.

      Who's in with me? ;)

      This thing might do as a halfway step to being much much much less smart than a "regular" phone. (Pun intended, it's a "regular phone" I'd like to see birthed.)

    • I wouldn't mind owning two phones. If I go out on a bike ride or a run, a small phone is great, but if I'm commuting to on the T, then a big phone is great. It's not that easy, what if the phones have different sim cards and then you have to deal with syncing sms. It's completely impractical to have two phones in this current state of tech and telecom.