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    • A couple of years ago, we spied a huge house under construction in St. George, Utah. 3 stories. We couldn't resist walking inside and counting rooms. I couldn't count that high. It was mainly wood framing and plywood at that point.

      Some of the family showed up to work on it as we were walking through. Kinda awkward, but they were super nice. One of us got the courage to ask how many kids they had because the house seemed unimaginably large. 16. First thought: Oh. Polygamists. I see them shopping at the local Costco a lot.

      The dad interjected: "We adopt special needs children. We have 10 of them, in addition to our biological 6." 😲 There must be a special place in heaven for that couple.

    • Very well written, @quicksstrong. Thanks for sharing!

      We have a 2-year old and we haven't spent a day without feeling deeply grateful about having him in our life. That said, I distinctively remember how both of us felt perhaps 4-5 years when we first got married - having a child was not even a topic that we talk about. We basically didn't want kids and we were so sure that was what the other person was thinking about as well that we don't even need to talk about it. What an experience to have gone through this perspective-changing journey!