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    • A unique Chocolate Store in Calgary led me to a remarkable chocolate makers in of all places Canada. In my selfish attempt to remember the remarkable creations I've sampled, Cake might be the 'trick' and allow me to share with others. I'm not trying to be commercial here or be some foodie critic. I just really want to enjoy these discoveries, appreciating the pallet which my mother nurtured. Hopefully, I'll get chances to also remember great stories about her love for remarkable tasty simple food and chocolate. As simple as a chocolate bar, that requires a vocabulary like used to describe wine. You see the creators of these bars put tasting notes on their labels and describe the complexity. To stimulate conversation, call Chocolate what it has become in my life, "The New Wine". First featured is a 2018 Academy of Chocolate Gold Winner. Qantu's Morropon 70% Piura, Perou. Again selfish, documenting gave me the opportunity for a second taste. Remarkable creamy, firm silky melt with fruit forward sweet middle and long finish of tart-bitter balance. Let me post the picture and go back to another taste, as I might have missed something.

    • Hi Jim and welcome to Cake! 🎂

      We have a lot of chocolate addicts here and I'm afraid I have the addiction bad. Your last name reminds me of giphy, so I'll just leave this here:

      I think you're right: it's the new wine. But you can't make wine in fascinating shapes like that. 👆

    • Are you people aware of a nice UK company called Cocoa Runners? They have a wonderful chocolate subscription thing going (or fixed-period "tasting courses" which make for an excellent gift to a fellow addict). I'm a very satisfied customer of theirs.

    • Ooooo, they look AMAZING!! I wonder how much of a melting problem their customers face in hot countries, but our climate is fairly mild so I’m in.

    • We only ever had one slight melting problem during August in Israel (was +40 C or more for most of the month that year). They are also aware and allow for pausing your subscription for several months for exactly this reason, at no charge.

    • Is the chocolate they sell and you're ordering pretty dark? My standby chocolate is 100% dark from Trader Joe's (an American chain but it sells some Israeli foods like Bamba!). I swear their chocolate is melt-proof. I try to melt it to make chocolate-covered walnuts but it's hard to do.

    • At least for subscriptions, you can choose if you want to have any milk chocolate at all; we are not big fans so we get only dark. I snapped the latest box for you, sorry, we, erm, ate some :)

      As to bamba, it's in every corner store here, and, interestingly, it's considered to be the reason Israel is a serious outlier in peanut allergies occurrence (in the good sense).