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    • “Although Millennials are the most racially diverse of all Mormons, with two in ten being nonwhite, they are not as racially diverse as non-Mormons of their generation; among Millennials in the US population generally, more than four in ten are nonwhite.”

      I was going to ask whether all survey respondents lived in the USA. I found the answer, "yes", at this link: (search for Geography).

      Of all survey respondents:
      - 27% lived in Utah.
      - 73% lived in the USA outside Utah

      Adding up numbers from that link 60% of respondents lived in the western USA.

      Now it's making sense why the issues and viewpoints brought up seem very western-USA to me.

      This is quite limiting as a broad commentary on the church because for over 20 years the church has reported more members outside the USA than inside. And that margin continues to increase. The better question is: How are they (the people in the highest growth areas) going to change the church (once they get leadership positions ... a challenge but an obvious eventuality)?

      This survey/book should be digested with an understanding of that context. It ignores the views of global members and former members (where the church is growing most). It's primarily focused on people in the western USA.