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    • Huh. I don't get around to other wards, but in our Bishop's pitch for me to come back, the argument has been the church membership has changed. It's okay now to not believe all or parts. There are still hardliners, older people in leadership positions, who cling to their traditional views and even double down on them, but there is a wave of progressive Mormons who are young and have decided to stay, at least for now.

      There is a school of thought that in order for religions to endure, they have to come to grips with their mistakes and admit them. Catholics certainly have had to and it didn't kill them. I think in the case of Seventh Day Adventists, they had an internal struggle that almost killed them, but in the end the progressives won and the church is thriving now. It's younger than Mormonism and much bigger and a lot faster growing.

      In our case, the orthodox won the leadership struggles, especially lately, and that has driven a lot of people away. We need a David O. McKay, who I credit for the rise of the modern church, or maybe a President Uchtdorf, not to sideline Uchtdorf for Dallin Oaks. No?