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    • Not a big fan personally, but her study data intrigues me.

      At the end of the radio interview, the interviewer and Reiss reach the conclusion that the church may be on its way to becoming its own echo chamber—that it is failing to see the value in diversity of thought, diversity of experience, and diversity of approach. I see members of my own family (my younger brother who is serving as the bishop in an East Bay ward now) holding tighter and tighter to the self-affirming nature of the religious echo chamber and becoming angry about diverse perspectives. I’m not sure there is a way out of this for church members, given the fact that the “chain of authority” (i.e. power invested in the leaders) is so embedded in the culture and is rarely (if ever) called into question...

      @Chris, I can’t promise I’ll write a full-fledged book review, but I will promise to share some of the interesting data for the purpose of Cake discussions.