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    • This program will air again this evening, and then I think they will add it to the podcast inventory for streaming on demand. I hope that link I posted will take people to the podcast after today.

      I have not read the book yet. (There are FIFTY-NINE people ahead of me in the reserve line at my library!) I was quite intrigued by the interview of the author. (She is a convert to the church - joined in the 1990s.) It sounds like my personal experience may be similar to some others she documented in research interviews.

      As for returning to the church after a lengthy time away, that is an interesting topic. While I personally cannot imagine myself taking that route (it took me a very long time to come to the conclusion that the church was not what I once believed it to be), I do have a friend or two who have gone back to the church after a period of disillusionment. They say that they missed the sense of community and the “striving to choose the right,” but don’t really believe the church to be “the only true church on the face of the earth,” nor do they believe all the doctrine. So I suppose they consider it more of a culture they appreciate than a dogma they believe.