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    • I'm a huge fan of Jana Riess, the author, and have read many of her blog posts. Peggy Fletcher Stack did a story on the book in The Salt Lake Tribune:

      It was fairly momentous to our Mormon congregation when my wife and I stopped attending after I had been the Bishop, which is the main leader of the ward. Our ward was big (800 people), thriving, and hundreds of our members felt like good friends. They say you can only have 150 friends, Dunbar's number, but through Mormonism it felt like we had many more.

      Lately I've been back a few times. One of my running friends, a fairly young lawyer, lost his wife to a long-term tragic illness and I attended her memorial. She was wonderful. She had undergone a double lung transplant with a goal to live long enough to see her twins graduate from high school. She almost made it; they're juniors. They spoke and dazzled us all with their love for their mother.

      There must have been 1,200 people who attended the memorial. We hugged together, we cried, we loved hearing stories about her and it reminded me of how powerful a community Mormons have.

      We have a new Bishop who is one my best friends and they have been trying to get me back to help with youth service projects. I tell him I want to be involved in something meaningful like that (we used to have our kids read to children with cancer or who suffered from head trauma, and it was powerful), I just wish it could be something independent of religion — Doctors Without Borders, or something like that.

      Lidja, if you tell me where to send it, I'll send a copy of Jana's book so you can review it for Cake. I think you'd love it and write a great review. Just email me your address to chris at cake dot co.