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    • I wonder how much of this reflects our own personal values. When I was Bishop, I had four teens at home. I wanted to be with them and thought a lot about telling the church I'd be happy to serve after they've grown. I told myself I accepted because so many people had made a difference in our kids lives and I felt indebted.

      Sometimes I would ask myself if I did the right thing, especially during Christmas when I was off at tithing settlement. Did I do it for the respect and attention leaders get? Wouldn't I have massive respect for someone who turned it down to spend time with their kids?

      I joined the church for its focus on family and like you I wish devoted mothers and fathers could be made to feel great about themselves as doing something incredibly important, more important than any leadership position. But I feel that way about social workers and teachers too and yet its the basketball players and Instagram stars who get all the fame and fortune.

      I don't feel that church members are perfect about priorities and who gets respect, but I feel that it's better than the career-obsessed world I live in. Yet I'm obsessed with Elon Musk and I rarely stop to think that he's a father of five. Ugh, I'm part of the problem.