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    • I just searched Amazon and they have quite a variety of them now, starting at $878. 💰$1,500 is more typical but they go all the way up to $3,500.

      It's amazing what they sell. You can also buy a grillbot if your arm gets too tired pushing a brush to clean your backyard grill.

      Regular lawnmowers are in the $100-$300 range.

    • I just think it's very cool and also useful for those who prefer to spend their free time doing other activities (like riding a motorcycle for example). I am not sure about all of them, but as far as I read into the Husqvarna model it can't harm even a small pet, it has really tiny blades that fold when hit something. For more control and preferences on how the robot will be built one could even roll their own:

      That leads me to envision being finally free to travel for months, without worrying my lawn falling in a state of neglect and getting nasty hoa letters, hahahahaaa..