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    • Nice! Love those 31's!

      Our American trucks are quite large. And our fuel prices are absurdly cheap compared to most of the world. I really wish that wasn't the case. If we had expensive fuel, we'd probably already have electric and hybrid trucks. I wish I could op for an EV truck, but that's impossible. And it might be a decade until they're affordable. Until then, Ford will be happy to sell Americans millions of gasoline trucks every year, even when they have hybrids/EV options.

    • I think the Rivan will be taking orders this year or next year won't they? For delivery in late 2020

      400 miles range is pretty impressive, and useful for local trips. I assume towing will lower it substantially.

      It really does look very interesting and checks many of the needed boxes in a utilitarian luxury truck. If it is priced near the posted $69 K it will find a ready market I believe. Expensive, but several K less than a well equipped Raptor.

    • Yeah, I think it'll be a big deal! Apparently, Amazon and its 700 million round it led, agree there's a market.

      The 400 mile version is a 180 kWH pack, and my guess is that will only come in the nicest trim and be over $100k. The 230 mile 105 kWH pack should be around 69k (after tax credit). If the cost per kWH for battery upgrade is the same on the model 3 ($280), then the extra 75 kWH would add 21k.

      If I could wait and splurge on an EV, I'd wait for the Tesla pickup. Since I do a lot of road trips, the supercharger network is almost a requirement for me.

    • I wondered about a charger network.

      Maybe Rivians will be allowed to use the SuperCharger for a fee? Win/Win??!!

      The Rivian will look better than those diesels taking up slots too!! 😜

      I am really amazed at the cost of vehicles these days. I keep reading that there is no inflation too... Hmmm...

    • It's hard to imagine that Tesla will be willing to give rivals access to the supercharger network, even for a fee, when they risked bankruptcy over and over again getting a car lineup off the ground with superchargers to defend their value proposition. Tesla supercharges are its unstated weapon that will soon shine. Proprietary supercharges are the key Tesla emerging as the monopoly when EV's become mainstream. Tesla is years ahead of its competition when it comes to charging infrastructure. This could be EV startups' biggest threat. Sure, Rivian can build an amazing EV truck, but is it going to be capable of sprinkling thousands of chargers across the country to convince people to buy the truck?


      The cost of new internal combustion engine vehicles is skyrocketing much faster than the CPI. I was reading that this is largely due to safety requirements.

      Pre-collision avoidance, side air-bags, backup cameras, TMPS, etc. etc. are coming stock on a lot of vehicles now, at the cost of the consumer. I was noticing the new Tacomas are coming with pre-collision avoidance, even on the lowest trim.

    • Dang you and this thread. Not to your spec, and I am not really a domestic fan, but, the new 2019 Ford Ranger would fit my lifestyle nicely. Amazingly, 10+ year and older 4x4's are still selling for 10K+. The new ones would be $40K for the basic off road machine but I like the svelte look.

    • I have been reading about the return of the Ford Ranger to the US - particularly in the Raptor dress mode - but I have not seen one in the wild yet - but I think for those of us who don't want or need a full sized truck they may be very desireable. They certainly look cool, and apparently they can be purchased with serious off road goodies outside the US market.

    • The Ranger was one of the first vehicles I looked at, but for me, it was pretty quickly disqualified due to limited legroom in the second row on the Supercrew and the lack of 5 seats. It has four bucket seats, which is actually really cool. For those that don't need a full-size cab, it's a good buy. It is an amazing truck, with leading specs for the compact truck world. Good torque and horsepower to weight ratio. 7,500 lb tow capacity is a lot for such a small truck. And parking is a breeze.

      It beats the Tacoma and Tundra out of the water when it comes to capacities. The max payload in the Ranger is 1860 lbs, and the max tow capacity is 7,500 lbs. Compare to the Tacoma, 1200lbs (payload), 6400lbs (tow), and the Tundra 1660 lbs (payload), 6800-10,000 lbs (tow). The Ranger out performs Toyota's trucks, except for towing on the Tundra with a V8.

      It's a little cheesy, but I got a real kick out of Ford's ad:

    • Kevin, your link about Ranger towing was funny, but you're gonna love this one. Ken Block says don't hoonigan on the highway for good reason, but this just looks like LOTS of fun. Very dangerous fun, but fun just the same.

    • Oh this is epic. Ford has their marketing DOWN. I'm glad I watched it all the way through until 1:47 when they exploded the mountain side. I wonder how they did this safely. I highly doubt there was a driver in there during the explosion. Must have been RC or possibly a composite done in post.

    • I think we can safely say they have gone Hoonigan! Yes, that was an unexpected ending for me too!

      I wonder where that was shot and who the intended audience was - or where this is being marketed - this link makes me think Europe somewhere maybe? Spain?

      Ford may get called out for not promoting responsible driving behaviour, and as an old boring adullt I actually concur, but still, it is a compelling fun video just the same. But just for old boring responsible adults, not young impressionable adolescents..... 🥺

      To wit:

      My wife and I were returning home a few nights ago on a divided 4 lane state highway about 45 minutes after sunset - it was dark and we were mud strewn from chasing raptors with our cameras in the local backcountry - when two vehicles approached us from behind, closing very rapidly. The speed limit was 55 and I was cruising about 62 -64 in my 4Runner along with all the traffic in front of me... Not weaving nor offending anyone.

      The first truck passed me slowly on my left side, hence I could not move to my left. I was stuck in the right outside lane - and I could see the other truck still closing rapidly behind me, much higher speed than I was driving, and i watched to see the truck drift off the highway lane, through the foot wide rumble strip, onto the paved narrow shoulder, and blow by my vehicle on the right side. In many many years of driving, I have never had someone pass me without slowing down on the shoulder of a main road at a speed that must have been 35-45 miles greater than the speed limit..... - I am glad that went well for everyone, but it is still pretty exciting when I think about it.

      We did have a teenager die near our neighborhood recently - 5 adolescents in the car on a dry paved road, not 100 yards from a 4 way stop sign controlled intersection with a 30 mph speed limit - the 18 y/o driver lost control of the vehicle and veared off and then across the road into a ditch. Single vehicle accident. The driver was without significant injury. However, one of the passengers was not so fortunate. Extremely sad, and that is why, while I love this ad, at the same time, I am a bit disturbed by it.

      Driving really is a very serious business, especially when you have passengers in your vehicle.

      I do love watching explosions though done by professionals. Hoonigan!